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    Status SEM1600T & SEM1600VI

    Signal conditioners and isolators for DIN rail mount with simple USB configuration for current & voltage, temperature sensor & slide wire inputs. Current and voltage outputs, user linearization, economically priced, Ex-stock delivery, 10 year warranty and much more....



    Delta OHM HD2402

    Optical radiation data logger for work place health and safely in accordance with the latest EU directives. Essential for ensuring UVA, laser & infrared radiation are within prescribed limits in the workplace.

    Delta OHM LP NET 14

    Irradiance meter for the measurement of net radiation for agricultural and metrological applications.

    Delta OHM HD21AB

    Indoor Air Quality meters for public buildings, HVAC and building automation applications.


    LumaSense Technologies - IMPAC Infrared ISR 6 Advanced

    Digital ratio pyrometer with advanced features for demanding high temperature applications.

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Latest Product Releases - June 2010


Impac IS 8 Series

Rugged Portable digital Pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement
Between 250-2500 Deg. C


Impac 320 Series

Small, short wavelength process pyrometers for metallic surfaces between 75-1800 Deg. C with analogue & digital outputs.


Delta OHM HD46 Series

Controllers for Temp, Relative Humidity & CO2 for HVAC applications with integral data logging.


Delta OHM HD37 Series

Indoor Air Quality Monitor & Logger. Measurement & logging of CO2, CO, Temp, relative Humidity, Air Velocity & Atmospheric pressure.

Delta OHM HD32 Series

WBGT (Wet Bulb Temperature) analysis for environmental. Heat stress & thermal stress analysis to ISO requirements.

Giussani Pulsar Series

Portable Dry Block Calibrators for lab & field. Applications from ambient to 600 Deg. C with extremely
high accuracy & stability.

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1. Yakup wrote:
According to the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook, a fantastic uhgtoh very complex manual on sound reinforcement, I found this .. For example,consider a loudspeaker rated to handle 200 W continuous and 400 W peak. Clearly we must choose a 200 W amp in order to not exceed the peak power rating. On the other hand a speaker rated at 100 W continuous and 400 W peak can be driven by a 200 W amp as well, since we can assume the system will run with at least a 6 dB margin between the long term average and the short term peak level. From that I take that you can run 500 W to the B215XL. Especially since the reference to continuous power corresponds to the long term average of power sent to the speaker. A speaker rarely has a continuous' signal sent unless there is a malfunction or someone sets a beer on the keyboard keys and walks away .. you get the point. Signals are sent in bursts and it's the average' that is critical. Of course you don't want to exceed the Peak as that can blow' a speaker .. which really sucks during a gig.Also, on my QSC, and I assume your Behringer, you can dial back the output on the amp if you don't need' all that power just to be safe. Also I would not go under 260 W as underpowering a speaker can cause distortion and eventual speaker failure as well.Hope that helps .. Steve -2Was this answer helpful?

Tue, March 20, 2012 @ 6:24 AM

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