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  • Latest Product Releases - December 2011


    Status SEM1600T & SEM1600VI

    Signal conditioners and isolators for DIN rail mount with simple USB configuration for current & voltage, temperature sensor & slide wire inputs. Current and voltage outputs, user linearization, economically priced, Ex-stock delivery, 10 year warranty and much more....



    Delta OHM HD2402

    Optical radiation data logger for work place health and safely in accordance with the latest EU directives. Essential for ensuring UVA, laser & infrared radiation are within prescribed limits in the workplace.

    Delta OHM LP NET 14

    Irradiance meter for the measurement of net radiation for agricultural and metrological applications.

    Delta OHM HD21AB

    Indoor Air Quality meters for public buildings, HVAC and building automation applications.


    LumaSense Technologies - IMPAC Infrared ISR 6 Advanced

    Digital ratio pyrometer with advanced features for demanding high temperature applications.

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