Infrared Temp Measurement & Thermal Imaging.

Portable, logging, fixed (Process), controlling & recording instruments for moving targets, small targets (<1mm), high temperatures (up to 4,000 Deg. C), Fibre Optical, Ratio (2 Colour) versions and more.

Black Body calibration Sources.

Portable & Process Thermal Imaging systems.


High speed pyrometers for extremely fast non-contact temperature measurement applications


MIKRON - M300 Series Blackbody

Blackbody Radiation Calibration Sources from -20/3000 Deg. C.

Freezing Point Primary Standard Blackbodies.

Large Area Blackbodies.


Portable thermal imaging cameras.


IMPAC IP140 Series

Optical Pyrometers for wide temperature ranges, small target sizes, analouge & digital outputs, fibre optic versions, laser or through-the-lens sighting and much more.




On Line Process Thermal Imaging System for R & D applications.


MIKRON MCL160 Series

Thermal Imagers for process applications.

-40/120 Deg. C temperature range-economically priced.


IMPAC IGA15+ Series

Short Wavelength Pyrometer for metals/cermaics/graphite applications 250-1800 Deg. C with laser sighting and built in Data Logger.



MIKRON M340-Low temperature Blackbody Calibration Source.

-20.0/+150.0 Deg. C


MIKRON M190-TS Series.

Precision Transfer Standard portable Units.

Extremely high accuracy and repeatability.